PanSolutions offers top-quality business solutions from some of the globe’s leading brands. We have you covered when it comes to your home office or organisation; we offer innovative office technology and modern business solutions that will considerably enhance workflow and productivity in your business. Whether you’re looking for a single printer to suit a modest home office or a comprehensive unified communications system for a thriving organisation, PanSolutions has the products and services to suit your unique requirements. Contact PanSolutions today to discover how your organisation can benefit from utilising our products and expertise.

Complete Office Automation

Multifunctional Printers and Copiers


PanSolutions provides you with highly efficien mutultifunction printers  that can significantly improve your business documentation workflow. In the past, an organisation would require a copier, a fax machine and a computer to copy, fax or email documents. However, with an array of features such as printing, faxing, scanning and copying, the devices in our range of multifunction printers provide versatility and dependability. Modern digital colour copiers are sometimes referred to as multifunctional products because they can do more than just copy documents. Today, almost all copiers are also capable of printing, faxing, and scanning, plus a great deal more. PanSolutions offers colour copiers from some of the most popular brands, ensuring document quality and ease of use. Colour copiers are ideal for businesses that require the copying of colour documents with a high quality output. With the added benefit of its various additional functions, a colour copier is one piece of office equipment that your organisation can ill afford to do without. Contact PanSolutions today to find out more about our colour copiers.


PanSolutions offers a wide selection of dedicated and high volume scanners to suit every business application. This is ideal for archiving purposes, getting rid of all the stacks and stacks of paper in your filing cabinets. The scanners are simple to connect and are able to scan simplex or duplex documents. All scanners are standard with TWAIN and ISIS drivers which enable easy connectivity to any software packages.

Copy Duplicators

PanSolutions, through its Duplo and Riso range of products, offers copy duplicating functionality. This is especially cost-effective when more than 25 copies of an original document are produced. Costs per copy start from as low as 2,5 cents.




PanSolutions offers a wide range of PBX systems to satisfy the communication needs of almost any organisation, no matter how big or small. The range of Smart Hybrid IP-PBX systems focus on unified communications allowing the system to grow to a communications’ server. The smaller analogue PBX systems are ideal for medium, smaller or even home offices that require a flexible and sophisticated system.

PanSolutions’ range of Smart Hybrid IP-PBX systems are powerful unified communication tools, combining the advantages of traditional telecommunications with the convergence of IP technology, offering maximum feature and functional flexibility to handle all your business communication needs. The full IP and Smart Hybrid IP-PBX systems provide an extensive array of advanced telephone mobile, messaging solutions, efficient and flexible communications, DECT wireless mobility, Voice over IP, and seamless integration with your PC.

In line with PanSolutions’ commitment to quality and ease of use, every PBX system is subjected to rigorous quality control and extensive testing before leaving the factory.


CCTV & POS Video Intelligence


Nothing stands still at PanSolutions Pretoria. As a Business Solutions Company we make an ongoing investment in developing ever more advanced and improved technology, manufacturing and design. This non-stop quest produced breakthroughs such as our Super Dynamic III camera technologies, aspherical lenses, ultra-crisp monitor displays and we pioneered time-lapse recording and digital image storage. PanSolutions Pretoria gives you ways to leverage the power and versatility of IP Networks, PCs and other digital technologies in delivering more functionality and simplicity to your clients. 


We offer you a broad range of solutions, systems and options that can suit virtually any type of application. With
PanSolutionsPretoria, you can handle anything from basic low-cost installations to cutting-edge applications demanding the utmost in capability, sensitivity and versatility – as well as a host of specialty applications with their own unique requirements.

POS Video Intelligence Video Analytics the identify irregularities at the Point of Sale.  Groceries, Fashion, DIY, Departmental Stores. World’s 1st and only automated all POS Non-scanning detection, used with great success across Europe.  Identifying the following: Non-Scans, Basket/Trolley Based losses, Irregular Voids & Refunds, Overcharging. Taking care of the ± 40% Shrinkage that occurs at the POS.  Visit www.hawkeyepos.co.za for more information.

Complete Air Conditioning Solutions
State-of-the-art Solutions for any Airconditioning Need

The PanSolutions range of air conditioners include Air Purifying Systems, a first in South Africa to combine an air conditioner and dust monitoring system and so meet the needs of health oriented consumers. The sophisticated range complies with international environmental regulations keeping our air conditioning one step ahead. R-410A gas has no depletion effect on the ozone layer and contributes significantly to increased reliability and efficient operation. Internationally, there are 7 classifications of energy efficiency ranging from “A” to “G,” and Panasonic’s FS Series has been rated “A,” meaning they’re at the top of the class!

In line with PanSolutions’ commitment to quality and ease of use, every PBX system is subjected to rigorous quality control and extensive testing before leaving the factory.



  • Compact design

  • Wide variety of engine spec

  • Low noise emission

  • One interface

  • Competitive pricing

  • Low fuel consumption

  • Long maintenance intervals

  • Low cost repairs

  • High reliability

  • Short delivery time

  • Double frequency capability

  • Long life time

  • Excellent Deutz image

  • Fulfilment of emission standards


  • Low Installation Cost

  • Low Life Cycle Cost

  • Low Logistic Cost



Presentation Systems

Learn how PanSolutions Presentation Systems can be customized for a myriad of applications including corporate, digital signage, hotels and resorts, bars and restaurants, video production facilities, public entertainment, education and training, and much more. Boasting the world’s largest Full High Definition Plasma Display Panel at 103 inches and a 10 000 Lumen Full High Definition projector (PT-DW10000) as the flagship products, the possibilities are endless. We also have a host of professional projectors, screens, plasma's and white boards that will ensure professional presentations time and time again!


Toughbook and Toughpad

The Panasonic Toughbooks and Toughpads are rugged mobile computers, and due to their robust design, they are capable of withstanding water, dust, sand, grime, humidity, extreme temperature and drops of about 1 meter high. This allows you to work wherever you want to, no matter the conditions.  Ideal for the Construction, Mining, Defense, Emergency Services, Health Care and Automotive Sectors, amongst others